Dear Mr.

Ing. Robert Plaga, Ph.D.
Minister of Education, Youth and Sports


Dear Minister,

We turn to you as physicists, scientists and representatives of disciplines and institutions that use, apply, develop physics as one of the still essential areas of human knowledge, educate its teachers and also acquaint the public with physics in various ways: We consider the Current revision of the Framework Educational Programs for Basic education ( to be ill-conceived, unconceptual and, in specific terms, harmful.


We admit that the formulation of the FEP for basic education, ie for the whole population, is a very complex task. All the more we see the need for effective cooperation and the search for acceptable compromises between different perspectives; the so-called education experts certainly have other opinions and ideas, and those who live and work in the given area, in our case teachers and scientists, have other opinions and experiences. Therefore, we will not comment on a different area of FEP than physics and we immediately confirm that we are ready to cooperate in tuning the form of education, including the optimization of education in informatics.

Let us show only two illustrations of many unacceptable cuts in the document Deletion of Newton's laws in the curriculum and in the output F-9-2- 05 "uses Newton's laws to clarify or predict changes in the motion of bodies under the action of a constant resultant force in simple situations" is interpreted as a resignation to a rational understanding of common real events in our world and at the same time as a discarding still useful part of our civilizational consciousness.

The deletion of F-9-4-03 "uses the knowledge of the mutual transformations of various forms of energy and their transfer in solving specific problems and tasks" we see again as a resignation to a specific learned rationality in a topic extremely important for the future of our civilization.

We will not address all the defects of the submitted FEP here, but we are ready to discuss them; this also applies to other areas, such as the remarkable disappearance of the words "army" and "NATO" from the FEP. We also got acquainted with the document The justification that the cuts in the physical field are justified by the difficulty of the substance, but even with the knowledge of the real situation in schools, we cannot accept it.

Minister, with the knowledge of Newton's Third Law, you will certainly understand that we cannot remain silent on the matter of the submitted revision of the FEP.

Signed at various locations in the Czech Republic, 11 February 2021.

We join all the people who signed this letter:

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