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Determination the horizontal component of the Earth's mag. field


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 Designed for:

Elementary School
Demonstration of a simple principle of measuring the Earth's magnetic field
Secondary School
In addition: Familiarization with the magnetic field of Helmholtz coils
In addition: Unconventional use of linear regression to determine the desired parameter
Reservation system rules
  1. Experiments are still freely available. Reservation is only for reservation of the specified term.
  2. For booking, you must register your email, which will serve as your username (for all experiments).
  3. The email will be verified by sending a verification code. This verification is only at the initial registration.
  4. Reservations are possible in half-hour blocks. Blocks can be linked to create a longer, continuous period.
  5. The reservations limit is a maximum of 5 (half-hour) bookings per month (for the experiment).
  6. Reservations may be canceled 24 hours before the specified time.


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