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Internet Remote Laboratory

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Physical Internet-controlled experiments

Grammar-school of J. Vrchlicky, Klatovy

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Remote Internet Lab of GymKT

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About laboratory

The concept of the first task - Measurement of thermal dependence of electrical resistance of metals and semiconductors - have been proposed in the thesis study further education RIF-3 at the Technical University in Liberec. Realization of remote tasks and whole remote lab environment was held at the Grammar School of J. Vrchlického in Klatovy and fully directed (and funded) by of its creator. Laboratory became the first secondary-school's internet remote laboratory in the Pilsen Region and the first grammar remote laboratory in the Czech Republic after its launch (April 12, 2011, 7:44 am).


diplom - Tvořivý učitel 2011

Tvořivý učitel 2011

cena - Úspěšný učitel 2014

Úspěšný učitel 2014

diplomy - Technická olympiáda Plzeňského kraje 2015

Technická olympiáda
Plzeňského kraje 2015

Laboratory won 1st prize in the competition "Creative teacher 2011" in the category "Learning tool" and in 2014 was awarded the prize of the Pilsen region: "Successful Teacher 2014". The structural design and realization of the experiment "Load characteristics of the source" was awarded in the student competition "Technical Olympics of the Pilsen Region 2015".

kde vzniká RCL-KT

Thanks to the attractiveness of this problem we expect to continue with the creation of other remote experiments. We plan to manage all the tasks by experimental USB board K8055. We would also like to build the experiment that would be controlled by software ISES Web Control in the future. Based on experience of construction and operation of experimnets will arise other experiments, either as student projects or SPA (secondary professional activity).

The purpose of the laboratory is not only to support the practical teaching of physics, but also gathering experience with the operation of remote online laboratories.

We will therefore be very grateful for all your comments and insights!



 Powered by Velleman K8055 (and our Dreams)

Experimental part of all jobs are connected to the control PC using a standard USB port. For this connection is used for experimental tasks K8055 USB board, that reaches needed parameters (see below), but it is also very affordable. Thanks to the this concept with the experimental board the experimental tasks can be connected to the control PC without any necessary hardware modifications .

Universal USB board K8055

Universal experimental board K8055 is a professional product made by Velleman. The board is supplied as a electronic kit with the control software for test and the relevant DLL libraries for developing custom applications. Delivered DLL can be loaded into your own application programs written in C, Pascal (Delphi), Visual Basic, but also the type of LabView environments.

Technical data of the K8055:
Velleman K8055
  • 5 digital inputs
  • analog inputs with gain control (conversion time: 20 ms)
  • digital switch outputs with open collector (max. 50 V/100 mA). LED indicator on PCB
  • 2 analog outputs:
    • 0 to 5 V, output impedance 1,5 kΩ
    • PWM 0 to 100% - open collector output (max. 100 mA/40 V)
  • The board's power supply about 70 mA from a USB PC interface.

Description of the functions and procedures contained in the DLL library K8055D.DLL for direct control of USB board K8055 (Czech translation, the original English text on the website of Velleman).

K8055 board is a suitable tool for universal connectivity and management of various experiments over the USB interface with a PC.

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