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Internet Remote Laboratory

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Physical Internet-controlled experiments

Grammar-school of J. Vrchlicky, Klatovy

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Remote Internet Experiments:

Remote laboratory includes real physics experiments that can be controlled through your browser. Our remote experiments can be used absolutely free and without any registration. The measured data, you can always download to your computer where you can continue working with them.

Remote-LAB GymKT

On these pages we will present each controlled remotely (Internet) experiments that created at our school. Through webcams and the Internet you can see these experiments, but mainly to measure the real data. Remote experiments can be used as an experiment in multimedia-supported frontal teaching, but mainly thanks to their 24-hour availability of an experimental homework for students.


Our aim is to present experiments that are quite common in teaching or preparation for the high quality design is otherwise too time consuming.

Completed experiments:

  1. Temp. dependence of the resistance of metals and semiconductors
  2. Determination of the horizontal component of Earth's mag. field
  3. Remote control of robotic arm
  4. V-A charakteristics of LED
  5. Spring oscillator (forced oscill. & damped oscill.)
  6. Basic characteristics of the bipolar transistor
  7. Voltampere characteristic of bulb
  8. Load Characteristics of Source

We develop & test for other developers:


„It's better to light one small candle than to curse the darkness.”

Remote Internet Lab


Remotely controlled experiments are compared to conventional school experiments in the traditional school laboratories or virtual experiments over several important advantages:

  • Free access to the laboratory (anytime, anywhere),
  • experimenter does not need any physical aids,
  • experiment can be repeated several times,
  • users work with real measuring instruments, measurement data are real,
  • no danger of injury when working with dangerous equipment,
  • can be used as homework in the traditional school laboratory practicum,
  • modern approach increased student interest,
  • time savings for teachers,
  • fast graphic processing of measured values.

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