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Voltamper characteristic of the bulb

Apparatus – measuring principle

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As with the Voltamper LED characteristic, the task measurement principle is based on the standard V-A characteristic of the general electronic element. Using the variable source, we change the voltage on the measured element (here the bulb) and on the ammeter that is connected in the circuit we read the size of the respective electric current. The V-A characteristic in this task is measured point-by-point, ie the gradual measurement of voltage-current pairs in the set range of values. The circuit diagram is shown in Figure 1.

schema zapojeni V-A charakteristiky zarovky
Fig. 1   Schematic diagram of the experiment for measuring the V-A characteristic of the bulb

pohled na ulohu


Both measured experimental values (i.e., U and I) are read and displayed on the control panel in a client-side web browser. Such measured values can be stored in a table (file) and displayed on a chart continuously. Continuous display of values in a graph directly on the task measurement panel serves primarily for orienta- tion checking the accuracy of the measured data or for finding the locations of the characteristics where the necessary data needs to be assembled. For complete processing according to the assigned task, the data can be stored on your PC and processed there in any spreadsheet calculator - MS Excel, OO Calc etc.

zpracovani dat

Because the device is very similar to the NICoL (Voltamper LED characteristic), it has been jointly implemented on the same K8055 USB card. Tasks, however, are now solved so that they can be independently controlled, despite the use of a single control card for both tasks. Independent management of two tasks with a single K8055 card is currently (according to available information) unique worldwide!

Experiment control
control panel
  1. electrical voltage setting - The electrical voltage can be set using the scroll bar or using the + and

  2. experimental values - The value of the electrical voltage on the diode and the electric current passing through the bulb.

  3. webcam - The camera displays the bulb that is being measured

  4. writing values to the table - the measured values are written to the value table

  5. Table of experimental values - The voltage and current values are stored for the V-A characteristic

  6. work with the data in the table - view chart, save data, delete table

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