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Weather Station
(Monitoring conditions in the laboratory)

Remote Experiment

To start and control a remote task, your Internet browser must have some services installed and enabled. Make sure this is the case before starting.

System requirements for remote start of the experiment:

Control of the experiment

ovládání experimentu - Remote-LAB GymKT - GENIE
  1. Current measured values – the task bar displays regularly updated values of temperature, local absolute pressure, barometric pressure converted to sea level and relative humidity.

  2. Calculated information – from the current value of pressure the weather forecast is estimated, there is also a calculated angular height of the Sun in the sky, times of sunny sunrise and sunset and the current phase of the Moon.

  3. Graph history atm. pressure (at sea level) – graph of the 24-hour history of the development of the value of barometric pressure converted to sea level.

  4. Temperature History Graph – graph of the 24-hour history of temperature value development in the laboratory.

  5. Relative Humidity Graph – graph of the 24-hour history of the development of relative humidity in the laboratory.

  6. Saving of measured data – current values as well as a 24-hour history of all values can be saved for further processing in the form of a CSV file.

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