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Physical Internet-controlled experiments

Grammar-school of J. Vrchlicky, Klatovy

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Determination of the horizontal component magn. field of the Earth

Remote experiment

To start a remote control tasks must have your browser installed, and permitted some services. Before you start Make sure the processor so.

System requirements for remote start of the experiment:

  • internet browser externí link with JavaScript and CSS (tested min. version: IE 5, FireFox 3.0, Opera 9.6, …)
  • your internet browser MUST support AJAX externí link (PC browsers are OK, but be careful for some SmartPhones)
  • enable JavaScript in your Internet browser (instructions externí link)


Control of the experiment
control panel
  1. Adjust the el. current - the electric current can be adjusted by moving the slider, the value is confirmed by clicking on the Set button

  2. Experimental values - the value of el. current is automatically loaded, angle compass needle is to be read from a webcam (Approximate value of the magnetic field is shown for primary school pupils, who does not specify Magn. Fields Helmholtz coils.)

  3. Web camera - the camera shows the scale of the compass (magnetic latch is deflected by magn. field of Helmholtz coils)

  4. Writing values to the table - measured values are entered into the table

  5. Table of experimental values - the value of electric current and the angle of deflection of the compass needle (magnetic field, it is necessary to calculate the processing according to the current formula for Magn. fields Helmholtz coils)

  6. Work with data in Table - see chart, save data, delete table

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