We disagree with the exclusion of Newton's laws, Ohm's law and the law of energy conservation from the physics curriculum of elementary schools in the Czech Republic!

Load characteristic of the source

Remote Experiment

To start and control a remote task, your Internet browser must have some services installed and enabled. Make sure this is the case before starting.

System requirements for remote start of the experiment:

Control of the experiment

ovládání experimentu - Remote-LAB GymKT - ZaCHaRIAS
  1. Adjustment of electric current – the amount of current drawn from the source can be selected with the slider; the current can also be changed with the + and buttons.

  2. Exp. values and their entry into the table – display of the currently measured values, the experimental values can be entered into the value table by pressing the button

  3. Source type – selection of the type of measured resources (alkaline or zinc chloride)

  4. Table of experimental values – the value of the electric current taken from the source and the terminal voltage are stored in a table for saving and plotting.

  5. Work with the data in the table – display the graph, save the data, clear the table.

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