Load characteristic of the source

Remote experiment

To start a remote control tasks must have your browser installed, and permitted some services. Before you start Make sure the processor so.

System requirements for remote start of the experiment:

Control of the experiment

ovládání experimentu - Remote-LAB GymKT - ZaCHaRIAS
  1. adjusting the electrical current - the amount of current drawn from the source can be selected slider; the current can also be changed with the buttons + and .

  2. exp. values and their entry into the table - displaying the currently measured values, the experimental values can be entered into the value table by pressing the button

  3. source type - select the type of measured resources (alkaline or zinc chloride)

  4. table of experimental values - the value of the electric current taken from the source and the terminal voltage are stored in a table for storing and plotting

  5. work with the data in the table - view graph, save data, delete table

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