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Remote control of robotic arm


Robotic arm KSR-10

Kit VELLEMAN KSR10 – Robotic arm kit. Assembling the original kit creates a very fun robotic model for future engineers. Building this kit will reveal how fun electronics and mechanics can be! When done, you can play with your own robotic arm with five motors and five joints. The original control of this kit was solved by a fixed control unit with five switches.

robotická ruka KSR-10 a deska K8055

The KSR-10 kit was used as the basis for the mechanical construction of the future remotely controlled robotic arm in our remote laboratory. A completely new electronic control board and power supply were designed for the space that was originally intended for batteries. Care was taken when designing the electronics to maintain the functionality of the original robotic arm but also created a new electronics platform for future remote control. It was necessary to equip each of the five motors for the robot's movement with limit switches, which evaluate the extreme positions of the individual degrees of freedom, for remote control with "24/7" operation. The resulting robotic arm is now controllable not only manually (using the original control – as designed), but especially using the USB interface board Velleman K8055 with a connected PC (concept DERIL) or using the Arduino and Ethernet Shield module (current concept RAMBO). This option of connecting the Velleman KSR-10 robotic arm to the interface board K8055, or modules such as the Arduino or ESP-32, allows you to further create a remotely controlled experiment.

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