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Remote control of robotic arm


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Robotic arm KSR-10

Kit VELLEMAN - KSR10 - Kit the robotic arm. The composition creates a very fun robotic model for future engineers. The position of this kit you discover how much fun can be electronics and mechanics! You can play with a robotic arm with five motors and five joints. 5 engine provides great movements. The original control was solved by a fixed control unit with five switches.

robotická ruka KSR-10 a deska K8055

For the purposes of remote lab this kit KSR-10 was used as the base for the mechanical design of future remote-controlled robotic arm. The space was originally designed for battery, designed a new electronic control board and power supply. Each of the five motors controlling the movement of the robot must be equipped with limit switches that assess the limit of the individual degrees of freedom. Resulting robotic arm RAMBO can now manage manually by using the original control (as it was originally addressed), but especially with a USB Interfaces Velleman K8055 board and using a connected PC too. The ability to link robotic arm with KSR-10 Interfaces K8055 board allows you to create a remote task.

Control of the experiment
  1. control ties - pair of buttons for opening and closing of handling ties

  2. wrist movement - controls for tilting the collet (a relatively large range upwards)

  3. rotation of the elbow - major move to change the height of the robotic arm

  4. angle at the base - tilting of the arm at the base (a relatively small range)

  5. base rotation - turning the whole base of the robotic arm

  6. webcam - camera tracking the actual robotic hand position

control panel

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