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Internet Remote Laboratory

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Physical Internet-controlled experiments

Grammar-school of J. Vrchlicky, Klatovy

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Remote control of robotic arm

Remote experiment

To start a remote control tasks must have your browser installed, and permitted some services. Before you start Make sure the processor so.

System requirements for remote start of the experiment:

  • Internet browser externí link with JavaScript and CSS (tested min. version: IE 5, FireFox 3.0, Opera 9.6, …)
  • your internet browser MUST support AJAX externí link (PC browsers are OK, but be careful for some SmartPhone)
  • enable JavaScript in your Internet browser (instructions externí link)


Control of the experiment
control panel
  1. control ties - pair of buttons for opening and closing of handling ties

  2. wrist movement - controls for tilting the collet (a relatively large range upwards)

  3. rotation of the elbow - major move to change the height of the robotic arm

  4. angle at the base - tilting of the arm at the base (a relatively small range)

  5. base rotation - turning the whole base of the robotic arm

  6. webcam - camera tracking the actual robotic hand position

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