We disagree with the exclusion of Newton's laws, Ohm's law and the law of energy conservation from the physics curriculum of elementary schools in the Czech Republic!

Robotic arm remote control



On August 6, 2012, the Curiosity module successfully landed on Mars. Curiosity is the first interplanetary robotic project in the U.S. since the 70's astrobiology of the last century, when the U.S. Viking spacecraft were launched. On Mars, the American rovers Spirit and Opportunity, which began their mission in 2004, were the last to move. The last communication with Spirit was recorded the year before; Opportunity is still active on Mars. Just as NASA's control center will now control your remote toy, you can also control our remote robot over the Internet.

remote-lab - robotic arm

It might be nice to have your own robot at home. Not always the conditions allow it. For all those who would welcome a robot at home, but for some reason I can not have it, our laboratory has prepared at least a small substitute. And as a robot arm RAMBO.

Velleman KSR-10

It is a replica of a robotic arm that can be found, for example, in an automobile production line. It has almost the same functions as its big sister, it can grasp, rotate, carry hand... It is possible to remotely control all five degrees of freedom.