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Spring Oscillator
(Forcced oscillation & Damped oscillation)

Remote experiment

To start a remote control tasks must have your browser installed, and permitted some services. Before you start Make sure the processor so.

System requirements for remote start of the experiment:

Control of the experiment

ovládání experimentu - Remote-LAB GymKT - IRMA
  1. webcam - the camera follows the real experiment (it is possible to observe the magnitude of the immediate displacement of the spring oscillator)

  2. record experimental data - experimental data can be saved using the record buttons and later viewed or downloaded to a PC

  3. excitation frequency setting - excitation frequency can be set to values obtained (buttons) or continuously varied (slider)

  4. graph of instantaneous values - the instantaneous value of the excitation voltage (red), and the immediate extension of the spring (blue) are plotted in a diagram

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The creation of this experiment was supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

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