We disagree with the exclusion of Newton's laws, Ohm's law and the law of energy conservation from the physics curriculum of elementary schools in the Czech Republic!

Oscillations on the spring
(forced & damped oscillations)

Remote Experiment

To start and control a remote task, your Internet browser must have some services installed and enabled. Make sure this is the case before starting.

System requirements for remote start of the experiment:

Control of the experiment

ovládání experimentu - Remote-LAB GymKT - IRMA
  1. Webcam – the camera follows the real experiment (it is possible to observe the magnitude of the instantaneous displacement of the spring oscillator).

  2. Recording of experimental data – experimental data can be stored using the recording buttons and later viewed or downloaded to a PC.

  3. Setting the excitation frequency – the excitation frequency can be set to the obtained values (buttons) or continuously varied (slider).

  4. Graph of instantaneous values – the instantaneous value of the excitation voltage (red) and the instantaneous strain of the spring (blue) are plotted on a graph.

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This experiment was supported by the European Regional Development Fund.

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