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(Management Application for Remote Internet Experiments)

K8055-MARIE (ver. 2.xx) - Help

Application K8055-MARIE is prepared for remote control of physical experiments connected to the K8055 board, not just in the application that only "forwards" commands from the web, but also includes a filter for limiting certain values sent, so that eg prevent accidental damage to the controlled equipment. In the following sections we go through the various settings K8055-MARIE:

karta USB Communication
Figure 1 - Card USB Communication

Card: USB Communication

On this tab, you can choose to connect the board K8055 (address 0-3) to be controlled remotely. Applications can control up to 4 boards. USB board K8055, which are connected to a PC, but is not selected (check box) in this application, is not blocked by this application and can be used for other purposes/applications.

karta Remote Server
Figure 2 - Card Remote Server

Card: Remote Server

The tab Remote Server sets up communication between the K8055-MARIE applications and web sites. Value HOST PORT specifies the communication port, after which communication takes place. Parameter Allow-Origin determines the valid URL for sending control commands. If this URL does not match, the command is not accepted. Value * indicates that they are allowed any sites.

Command TimeOUT - update ver. 1.15

From version 1.15 added function TimeOUT. The function makes it possible to set the length of validity the received remote command. K8055 board is switched to the specified status after a specified period of time (0-600 sec.) from the last received command. On the panel TimeOUT can be set to values of analog and digital outputs, which is set after the timeout. Function TimeOUT works only for remote commands received from the website (TimeOUT can not be applied to manually entered commands - card: Manual Output Control).

Card: K8055 Configuration

Since version 2.00 Configuration card is divided into sub-tabs Device 0 and Device 3. Each of these sub-tabs is valid for K8055 board given by address. Sub-tab Device x has the following parts:

Item: A-IN (analog input)

Analog inputs card. Options Disable Read Analog Channel can completely disable remote reading of the selected analog channel.

volba A-IN na kartě K8055 Configuration
Figure 3 - choice A-IN on the
card K8055 Configuration

Item: A-OUT (analog output)

For each analog output channel can be applied to one of the three filters. Each filter can be set to an interval of values (from 0 to 255), which will be set to output. Eg. Threatens to damage experiment connected to an analog output voltage greater than the value 155, set the filter values 155-255. Any value greater than 154 will be sent to the card. Thanks to three filters can be enabled and disabled values different settings (eg 0-50 and also allowed 130-240, etc.)

volba A-OUT na kartě K8055 Configuration
Figure 4 - choice A-OUT on the card K8055 Configuration

Item: D-IN (digital input)

Similarly, the analog inputs can be disabled and any of the five digital inputs. This can be done by checkbox Disable Digital Read Channel.

volba D-IN na kartě K8055 Configuration
Figure 5 - choice D-IN on the card K8055 Configuration

Item: D-OUT (digital output)

Similarly, the analog outputs to digital output can be applied to the output filters. On this tab, you can set up to eight intervals forbidden values. This again allows you to limit the output values sent to the output boards K8055, which may arise error or intent to control the website.

volba D-OUT na kartě K8055 Configuration
Figure 5 - choice D-OUT on the card K8055 Configuration

Item: Manual Output Control

Application K8055-MARIE allows for direct output control board K8055. For this purpose the elements on the card Manual Output Control. It can be used for various manual settings or adjustments connected experiments.

karta Manual Output Control
Figure 6 - Card Manual Output Control

karta Protocol
Figure 7 - Card Protocol

Card: Protocol

Application status K8055-MARIE, especially all remote control commands sent to the website are logged. This can be used to find problems in communication, or correctness of commands sent by the client.

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