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(Management Application for Remote Internet Experiments)

Download application and Demo use

Application K8055-MARIE (Management Application for Remote Internet Experiments) is an application that enables remote (internet) control experimental K8055 USB board. The application allows full control boards K8055 USB experimental setup ie analog and digital outputs, analog and digital load inputs, work with the parameters of the counters. Application K8055-MARIE is running on a computer that is connected K8055 board, and using web sites on the web server, you can remotely control the K8055 board.


K8055-MARIE application is under development (so even if it is constantly tested), you access it as a version β. If you download and try the application, we ask for your feedback! Just because we can further develop our product.

Application K8055-MARIE is freeware. The application can be freely used for the development and maintenance of websites remote control USB board K8055. In the case of a commercial use, it is necessary insert visible link to the site Remote-LAB GymKT to the control web sites of your project.

K8055-MARIE download

Application K8055-MARIE (ver. 2.72b)
current version: 2.72b
(3 May 2019)
What's new?
  • New JavaScript Control K8055.js
  • Canceled loading JavaScript K8055.js from the applications (security problem with CrossDomain)
  • Language OS detection + Czech localization (Possibility of making general language localization)
  • ...
Demo: K8055-MARIE (ver. 2.72b) + HTML
Read the instructions Demo Installation, but also Demo Settings.
  • Application K8055-MARIE_ver2_72b.exe + DLL library folder: App
  • Demo HTML page for a demonstration of remote control folder: WEB

preklad Do you want to help us with the creation of additional language localization?

K8055D.DLL v5.0.0.0 - K8055D.DLL v5.0.0.0 - Technical Manual - Czech translation

DOWNLOAD: Description of the functions and procedures contained in the DLL library K8055D.DLL for direct control of USB board K8055 (Czech translation, the original English text on the website of Velleman).

What we are preparing for future versions – K8055-MARIE ver. 3.xx

Response acceleration

K8055-MARIE reads and controls (up to four) connected K8055 USB experimental boards. When the command is received, it either loads or sets the specified board. However, the speed of the board is not great, so dispatching the sent command is delayed by the board response. This worsens the situation when all four cards are controlled at the same time. In the new version of the K8055-MARIE application we want to solve the card management with a multi-thread program. An independent thread will load and set each of the four USB boards in the background. The server-part of the application will only handle queries from the website. Both parts of the application will work independently but these parts will cooperate together (data transfer for reading and writing). This will make the application as fast as possible.

Adding new remote commands

The main group of new commands will be focused on working with the counter. Thanks to the remote control delay, the counting interval cannot be precisely set using standard commands. The new commands move this setting to the K8055-MARIE application page and the web page will only ask for counting results.

The second set of commands will be the superstructure of the current function generation commands. Based on our current experience, it is shown to us that it is quite advantageous to have the possibility to set the number of periods ("steps") as opposed to the current solution with the set time of the generated signal - eg suitable for stepper motor control.